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Yorkshire, Europe? the world

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The Yorkshire microbrewery, Wold Top Brewery is taking its Wolds brewed ales to Brussels this Christmas to showcase its high quality local beers on a very international platform.

The event is being organized by the British Beer Club and will enable brewers from around Yorkshire to rub shoulders with MEPs, Commission officials and industry representatives. The aim is to make sure that smaller producers get their voice heard in one of the most powerful cities in Europe.

During an increasingly uncertain time economically, it is important that the interests of the industry are represented at an international level.

Brewers are being asked to take along 3-4 of their ales to the Christmas event which takes place at the Brewers House of Europe on 2 December.

Gill Mellor from Wold Top Brewery said: ?It?s good that we are getting political recognition for our work. The negative press that alcohol has had in the media recently doesn?t help smaller breweries like ours.

?Events like this help us to promote not only the production of a quality product but also promoting a culture where people can enjoy drinking, without taking it to excess.

?This is a great opportunity for all of us in the North to show what we can do, and get the recognition we deserve for some of the finest ales not just in the UK but indeed, in Europe too?

The British Beer Club Christmas reception takes place annually, and aims to represent a different region each year. For the last two years, brewers from Wales and Scotland have showcased their products.

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