Directors' Diary - Beer in Cans – Wold Top Brewery
Directors' Diary - Beer in Cans

Directors' Diary - Beer in Cans

Posted by Tracey Baty on

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Beer in cans is a phrase that’s been on our radar for a good few years now, and one that has caused many debates too!

First things first. Do not panic. We are not suddenly going to change our entire range into cans!

We are fully aware that there are lots of differing opinions about cans vs bottles in terms of quality, functionality, sustainability, recyclability, etc, but it is a market that has become popular again, so we would be daft to ignore it.

In the main, we have invested in a canning line to add another string to our contract packaging bow.

As many brewers are releasing beer in both bottles and cans it will allow us to offer this as a service and help grow that side of the business.

However, that’s not to say that we don’t want to try something new too…

We’re going to use this opportunity to create some new beers, try some new styles and see what happens!

First up, we have Wild Swim, which is a stripped-back, clean and refreshing lager. Created by Henry, one of our brewers to be a great introduction to Wold Top in cans. Five more new beers will follow throughout the year for you to try.

These cans will work the same as our bottles in terms of online sales - they fit perfectly in the boxes and can be mixed and matched with any other combination of beers.

We’re making them all gluten free too!

Any feedback welcome, and any suggestions for new beers too.


Kate and Alex

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