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Wold Top Notch Tasting Night at the Stables Bar and Kitchen

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Thanks to the team at the Stables Bar and Kitchen in Barton on Humber for putting on a fabulous night of food and beer tasting. Here's the menu and our taster's comments in red. It was a fabulous evening and we can't wait for the next one..

Stables Restaurant 'Wold TOP Notch'

An evening of fine real ale from Wold Top brewery and chef's Lincolnshire select menu.

This menu will deliver products from Lincolnshire matched with a beer from the Wold Top Brewery. £20pp for the evening

Amuse Bouchà © Lincolnshire quail Scotch egg made with Lincolnshire sausage and homemade breadcrumbs. Served with fresh Lincolnshire asparagus and hollandaise sauce using Roe's dairy farm cream. Served with GOLDEN SUMMER 4.4%abv The fruity bitterness of the beer complimented the richness of the hollandaise perfectly

Starter Lincolnshire pudding made with eggs from Chef's back garden chickens filled with a Wold rabbit (John Pettit's) and apple stew. Served with WOLD TOP BITTER 3.7%abv The combination of the bitter beer and the smooth apple was delicious

Fish Homemade mini crab cakes using Bridlington caught crab from our Grimsby dock supplier mixed with home grown chives and AGAINST THE GRAIN 4.5%abv risotto, gently fried and served with a sweet chilli crà ¨me fraiche. Served with WOLD GOLD 4.8%abv The gently spiced Wold Gold was superb with the chilli crà ¨me fraiche

Main Lincolnshire Steak. Coated in crushed green peppercorns and served pink with pommes neuf and a mushroom & fortified wine sauce. Served with HEADLAND RED 4.3%abv The dark, malty beer was divine with the perfectly cooked steak

Dessert Lincolnshire plum bread pudding. Plum bread soaked with homemade crà ¨me anglaise, served with an ANGLERS REWARD 4%abv tempura banana and Roe's Dairy Ice Cream. Served with SHEPPARDS WATCH 6%abv The roasted maltiness of Shephard's Watch worked brilliantly with the plum bread and battered banana

Lincolnshire Cheese Board Lincolnshire Poacher, Coathill Blue and Coathill yellowbelly cheeses served with crakers, grapes, celery and Lincolnshire made fruit chutney Served with SCARBOURGH FAIR IPA 6%abv The triple hopped beer cut through the cheese perfectly What a fantastic evening! Beautiful food, inspired beer pairings and great ale - when's the next one?

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