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Focus on: Wold Top Bitter

Focus on: Wold Top Bitter

Posted by Kate Balchin on

Did you know that the very first batch of beer we ever (successfully) brewed here at Wold Top was Wold Top Bitter?

Brewed on the 14th May 2003 by founder Tom, and it’s been his favourite beer ever since!

It’s still our best selling cask beer - loved by all.

 The term "bitter" has been used in England to describe pale ale since the early 19th century. Although brewers used the term "pale ale" before the introduction of pump clips, customers in pubs would ask for "bitter" to differentiate it from mild ale, and by the end of the 19th century, brewers had begun to use the term as well.

We refer to Wold Top Bitter as a ‘session bitter’ as it has an abv of no more than 4.1%. This is the most common style of bitter sold in pubs and, if we look back to our launch in 2003, session bitters accounted for 16.9% of pub sales, which is high when you think about all the other drinks available over the counter!

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