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Microbrewery Birthday Cheer

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An East Yorkshire brewery is celebrating its 7th birthday with the launch of two new summer beers.

Optimistically named Golden Summer and Summer Holiday, the new ales from?Wold Newton based Wold Top Brewery are brewed using traditional recipes from Wold grown barley, water from the brewery?s own borehole and a special blend of malts and hops.

Golden Summer (4.4% ABV)? is made from a combination of Maris Otter malt with? Goldings, Styrian and Cascade hops that produces a fruity and light beer with a dry finish whereas Summer Holiday (5.5% ABV) looks and tastes quite different.? Its ruby red hue and rich berry flavours come from roasted malts and a perfect blend of English, Slovenian & American hops.

The new birthday beers will be available singly in bottles and in a limited edition gift pack that includes one of each beer and an engraved glass whilst stocks last.

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