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?Beer benefits bones? father?s day message

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A Yorkshire micro brewery has welcomed a scientific report that concludes that moderate beer drinking may benefit your health.

Scientists at the?Medical Research Council Collaborative Centre for Human Nutrition Research (HNR) in Cambridge have identified that silicon promotes both bone and connective tissue health and that beer is a naturally rich source of the key nutrient.

Dr Jonathan Powell, Head of the Biomineral Research Section at HNR, said; ?We have shown that silicon appears to have a beneficial effect in increasing bone mineral density. Epidemiological work has identified a positive association between drinking beer in moderation (2 units per day) and increased bone mineral density. Our results suggest that this is, at least partly, due to the high silicon content of beer.?

However Dr Powell warns ?drinking alcohol in high amounts is detrimental to health and consumption of beer, or any other alcoholic drink, in anything other than moderation, will far outweigh any potential benefits related to lower intakes.?

Tom Mellor, co-owner of Wold Top Brewery in East Yorkshire, is pleased with the findings; ?It?s good to know that, as well as tasting great, real ale brewed from natural ingredients may also help to maintain a healthy bone density that could help to guard against osteoporosis in later life.?

Tom?s wife, Gill adds; ?People need no longer feel guilty about enjoying beer in moderation and can treat their dads on Father?s Day with a clear conscience!?

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