Ale related book titles capture the imagination of many – Wold Top Brewery
Ale related book titles capture the imagination of many

Ale related book titles capture the imagination of many

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Books by the Beach is delighted to pair up again with sponsors Wold Top Brewery whose mouthwatering beer will be served during the festival from 16th to 19th April.

Set on top of the beautiful Yorkshire Wolds, the brewery is busy making this year’s festival beer.  It’s an ale with a difference as in April a new name replaces Best Seller.

The competition to name a new literary beer has had a brilliant response with lots of imaginative entries. Would it be ‘Count Draculale’..?  How about ‘Mary Queen of Hops’..? ‘Fifty Shades of Ale’ was of course on the list alongside ‘Lager With Rosie’.  It was a difficult one to judge...

In the end ‘Brew Dunnit’ was a very close runner up but overall winner was declared as  ‘William Shakes Beer’. 

The two lucky winners are Alison Olley who is a local resident and Barrie Little Gill who lives near Boston in the USA!

Barrie used to live in the UK and his friends Pauline and Alan Bedford live in West Ayton, just outside Scarborough. They all entered the competition as staunch festival fans and Barrie and his wife come over to England every April to visit. They time their stay with festival dates so they can attend several events at Books by the Beach. Pauline says,  "Barrie loves his Yorkshire Beer and always looks forward to his pint when he comes over to England". 

Both Alison and Barrie will receive a pack of their own special labelled beers and a set of complimentary tickets to see Omid Djalili at the Spa Theatre, Scarborough on Friday 17 April. Festival authors will also enjoy a taste of William Shakes Beer as a thank you for coming to Scarborough.

Books and Beer - a perfect combination.

Cheers and congratulations to Alison and Barrie!

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