Polypin of Cask Beer

A 10 litre (17 pints) or 20 litre (35 pints) bag in box of cask conditioned beer


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Polypin of Cask Beer

Beer Options

Wold Gold

A blonde continental style beer, with a soft, fruity flavour with a hint of spice

Wold Top Bitter

A light amber coloured, crisp clean aromatic session bitter

Angler's Reward 

A refreshing golden pale ale with a fruity bitterness & lingering aftertaste

Headland Red

A mellow malty flavoured red beer

Cask Seasonal

July - Freyr (3.9%) - a pale golden ale with citrus notes. 

August - Sif (4.1%) - an American Pale Ale with big hits of hops flavours

September - Tyr (4%) - An amber beer with spicy notes. 

October - Saga (3.8%) - A pale fruity beer with notes of lemons and soft fruits. 

November - Njord (4%) - Pale gold with notes of tangy blackcurrent

December - Skadi (4.5%) - A dark stout with roasted malt, coffee and chocolate flavours. 

Handling Instructions

Once delivered, the box needs leaving on it's side in the place that it will be served from (stored cool) for at least 24hours after delivery. It can then be opened and consumed over the following days. Once settled and opened please do not move! 

Provided the box is kept cool and not moved again once opened the beer *should* last for 2 weeks. 

20 litres gives around 35 pints and 10 litres about 17 pints. No extra serving equipment is required. 

For further information and to ask about other beer availability, please contact the office on 01723 892222 or enquiries@woldtopbrewery.co.uk

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