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2020 trends that will influence the beer industry

2020 trends that will influence the beer industry

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Here are what we feel are some trends for 2020 that will influence the beer industry:

Sustainable packaging:

We already use biodegradable shrink wrap and cardboard in our outer packaging and the glass bottles we use are made from recycled glass. However there is still more to be done and cans, full cardboard boxes and other materials are constantly being tried and tested to improve sustainability and reduce landfill waste. 

No and Low alcohol:

Responsible drinking and our health has never been more important and it is evident in the growing demand for adult ‘soft drinks’ such as Seedlip and low/no abv beers that this is something to be taken seriously. We are currently doing extensive taste testing and market research in this area as it’s something we believe will be an important addition to our range - especially considering our rural location and the non availability of regular public transport in our area.

Carbon Emissions:

The evolution of farming and farming practices is something we have long advocated here at Hunmanby Grange, the home to Wold Top. Crop rotation, nitrogen fixing plants and minimal impact land work are all things that we have taken into consideration over the last decade or so. With this in mind, we are working with other like minded farmers and organisations to look at the feasibility and practicalities needed to produce carbon neutral (or even better, carbon negative) barley with which to produce our beer. Watch this space for updates! 


With the rise and rise of the craft beer sector over the past few years we have seen beer pushed to its limits in terms of flavour, look, smell and indeed price. Coffee infused, sours, hazy, hop forward, fruit based - you name it, someone has put it in or done it to a beer! So whilst we won’t be stopping new development of beers and our range (seasonal casks, barrel aged etc) we will maintain our focus on making sure our existing and long standing beers are still great tasting and as high quality as they’ve always been and should always be. 

Let’s see where 2020 takes us! 

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