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2020 in stats

2020 in stats

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As part of the January newsletter, Kate and Alex pulled together a few quirky facts for you...

In 2020 we

  • Brewed an estimated 1.4 million pints worth of beer (interestingly this is still less than 1% of the total UK annual production). 
  • Used 3000 kg of hops and 325 tonnes of malt
  • Packaged 1.8 million bottles through our sister packaging company of both Wold Top and other breweries’ beer. 
  • Sent out over 10,000 boxes of beer to individual customers all over the UK. From Scotland to Cornwall and everywhere in between! 
  • Used 17,500 box staples.
  • Have gone through 700 rolls of packaging and fragile tape. 
  • Used 6 rolls (300m) of bubble wrap. 
  • Filled 800+ mini casks.
  • Increased our social media followers by 30% over Facebook and Instagram. 
  • Saw a 1170% increase in online sales through our brewery website, and of those customers who bought online in 2020, 94% had never purchased our beers directly from us online before. 

In addition...

We ate (collectively as a Wold Top/Agricola Bottling team) 

  • 192 bacon sandwiches
  • 20 birthday cakes
  • 5 tubs of Celebrations/Miniature Heroes/Quality Streets
  • 50 mince pies
  • Numerous chocolate biscuits

And drank

  • 3000 cups of coffee
  • 5000 mugs of tea (Yorkshire, of course)
  • And a few pints of beer and glasses of wine! 

Let’s see what 2021 will bring! 

Alex and Kate

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