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A blonde continental style beer, with a soft, fruity flavour with a hint of spice




  • 4.8 %


  • 500ml

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  • Cask
  • Bottle

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  • All Year

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  • N/A

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  • All Year

A heady mix of  Wold grown Barley, Wheat and Cara malt hopped with Goldings and Styrian hops give the beer
its soft, fruity flavour with a hint of spice. This is the beer to drink whilst
basking in the sun on bank holidays or any days!

(Beer and curry….. this is the one!)

Feedback from the Guild of Fine Food Great Taste Awards: Big bubbles in a crystal golden beer. A hybrid lager/ale, with sweetness in the barley. A clean, pleasant, bitter finish to a mellow beer to have with a summer BBQ.


SIBA National Beer Awards, Gold, Premium Bottled Ales, 2019

SIBA North East Regional Awards, Gold, Premium Bottled Ales, 2018

Best in show at the London Beer Competition 2018

Silver award at the London Beer Competition 2018

Gold award in the cask premium bitters and pale ales category of the SIBA North East Independent Beer Awards 2017

United Kingdom's Best Golden Ale at World Beer Awards 2016

General Availability

You can find our bottles and casks in Pubs, Restaurants, Shops and Deli’s throughout East & North Yorkshire. Some of our bottles are also available in some of the larger retailers both regionally and nationally

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